Sustainability report

Etyo is an entrepreneurial adventure that began in 2012: the start-up of the time, born in a business incubator, has evolved into a renowned consultancy group. But the pioneering spirit of the early days is still with us, and ESG concerns have always been at the heart of what our teams do.

This first sustainability report structures our strategy in this area and gives substance to these concerns. The company’s commitments to its employees, customers, partners and the environment are now a source of pride and motivation for the company!

Etyo’s partners and employees will continue to foster this state of mind, which goes hand in hand with controlled and sustainable growth.

Our mission

At the end of 2022, Etyo decided to reflect on its life as a responsible company. To do this, it has launched a participative, collegial and structured approach to determine the material, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at the level of its value chain and its stakeholders.

Sustainability report 2023 (fr)

Philanthropy policy and partnerships with associations

Sponsorship, or philanthropy, consists of a company making a donation in cash, in kind or in skills, without expecting any equivalent consideration in return. Etyo invites all its employees to play an individual or collective role in the community and to play an active part in its commitment through the projects of associations and charities with a positive environmental and social impact.

Etyo has many ambitions:

  • To create a culture of philanthropy within Etyo
  • Unite employees around solidarity initiatives
  • Enable employees to volunteer or get involved in charitable organisations
  • Publicise the projects of the associations we support

This charter defines the main principles concerning the financing and support of associations through donations or community actions carried out by Etyo employees.

Philanthropy policy and partnerships with associations (fr)